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Jessica Alfonso


Jessica Alfonso was born a fraternal twin, in 1977 in Montreal, growing up in the Laurentians. The name 'Diaz' is in actuality the true name of her Cuban grandfather (Boulivar Diaz) who, upon fleeing Castro's regime, purchased the papers of a man named Tony Alfonso. The name, 'Studio Diaz' is a tribute to her paternal heritage.

The artist’s creativity was cultivated by her father’s skilled guidance from an early age. She has garnered distinctive artistic awards, winning the Barbara Foreman Art Award in 1987-88, and L.R.H.S art award in 1994. A graduate from Concordia University (2000), and she is also a member of the Concordia Art Collective. Her work can also be found in numerous private collections, across Canada and in Europe.

Read more about the artist on her website:

P O L Y M Y T H O P O L I S : Jessica Alfonso

A sense of immediacy and emotional resonance are elemental within Jessica’s work. Political and sociological themes are set within an urban context. Potent and unapologetic, she points out, in a didactic sense at times; the modern mythical (un)consciousness. An ethnicity that combines Cuban and Irish heritage contributes to this sensibility of politicizing images, seeking to subvert notions of what is seen and digested in popular culture, with the sacred, prophetically inclined and the numinous. This creates a tension of sorts, as iconic symbols are implemented to question, and seek into narratives that flow within contemporary perception.

Also featuring ‘For The Love Of Watercolours: Franklin Alfonso'

Born in Miami, Frank Alfonso’s artistic talent won him a noteworthy first prize medal for ''Streets of New-York''. Upon immigrating to Canada in 1967, he attended the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts School. Later he moved to Lakefield in the Laurentians in 1976, and has been moved by the landscape for his numerous paintings. His work exhibits a zen-like quality; reflective of his nourishing relationship to landscape.

Frank is featured in the new 2006 art collection at the Stewart Hall Art Gallery in Pointe-Claire, Qc. He is represented by Arts Morin Heights. His works are also part of private collections in Boston, Toronto and Winnipeg.