5526 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montreal, QC H4A 1W2

Current Show:

Heartwarming Art: a collection to warm your heart and your home
July, 2007

Past Shows:

James Bouthillier
June, 2007

Pelin Canez
May, 2007

Erin Rothstein
April, 2007

Celebrating International Women's Day
March, 2007

Velibor Bozovic
February, 2007

Jesse Allarie
January, 2007

Various Artists
December, 2006

Frederic Smith
November, 2006

Jean Francois Richard
October, 2006

Andrea Kastner
September, 2006

Sharon Sutherland
August, 2006

Melanie Lefebvre
July, 2006

Jessica Alfonso
June, 2006

Galerie V Spring 2006 Exhibit
May, 2006

Fire with Water (SACOMSS)
April, 2006

J.M. Lougheed
March, 2006

Anna Rita Torelli
February, 2006

Brisa Ceccon Rocha
January, 2006

Julian Haber
December, 2005

Bernie Kelly Goulem
November, 2005

Jenny Schädes
October, 2005

Simon Laguë
September, 2005

Stéphanie Bush
August, 2005

Julian Haber
July, 2005

Jean François Richard
June, 2005

Phyllis Mintz
May, 2005

Jesse Allarie
April, 2005

Victoria P Wonnacott
March, 2005

Kevin Nordberg
January, 2005 - February, 2005

Sharon Ramsey
November, 2004 - December, 2004

Jean François Richard
September, 2004 - October, 2004

Scott Macleod
August, 2004

BIO - J.F.Richard

Jean François Richard has been exhibiting his work for the past 12 years. His style and subject matter has journeyed through the more architectural, to the landscape, to the chrysalides each time adding a layer to the texture, the soul and to the expression of his work. His works are among private collections throughout Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, The Caymans, England & India. He teaches art to young children at St-George’s School of Montreal (Elementary).

Jean François Richard expose ses oeuvres depuis une douzaine d’année. Son sujet et son style ont voyagé des oeuvres plutôt architecturales, aux oeuvres de paysages, aux voyages intro-spectifs représenté par le papillon, ce qui ajoute aux diverses couches, textures et expression d’âme en spirale dans son travail. Ses oeuvres se trouvent parmi des collections privées au Québec, Ontario, Nouveau-Brunswick, Nouvelle-Écosse, les Îles Caymans, Angleterre et aux Indes. Il travail comme enseignant en arts plastiques à l’École St-Georges de Montréal (Primaire).